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Potpourri Of Ideas For Remodeling Small Bathrooms

Looking to make your tiny bathroom feel like a grand throne room? What can you do?

More mirrors

If your bathroom is lacking in mirrors then this step should be a no-brainer for you. Get a bigger mirror! Wall-mounted mirrors will take up every so slightly less room space than those that are framed, so if space is lacking, go this route. Yes, a nice sink-to-ceiling mirror should do the trick.

Slide away

If your bathtub/shower is using a swinging door, can it! Sliding doors don't require room space to open.

Feeling gutsy?

To further add to the illusion of a larger room you may want to consider a glass bath/shower door. While this will do much in making the bathing area of your bathroom more a part of the room visually, it can also lead to a little nervousness during initial use, hehe. So if you're feeling gutsy, can that shower curtain and get in the clear!

Shelves up high and relocation

If you're bathroom lacks space and utilizes a large, old-fashioned mounted medicine cabinet, you may want to move some of the bathroom items to your towel/linen closet and add a small line of shelves higher up on the bathroom walls. Getting the items initially seen when entering the bathroom at eye-level out of the way can assist in providing the open and spacious feel you're after. The same applies to radiators if you have them; move them higher up if possible to get them out of the way.

Are you centered?

If your bathroom features a bathtub that is centered in the middle of the room then consider moving it to a corner to provide more contiguously open floor space. This too will assist in opening up your bathroom.

Rounded cubes

In the event this is a guest bathroom or just a plain ol' small bathroom and contains only a shower stall, consider acquiring one of the newer, rounded model shower cubicles on the market today. The curved sides will take up less space than the traditional square and provides a more modern feel.

As with any home remodeling project, planning is key. A little time with some measuring tape, graph paper (to assist in drawing things to scale), and some creative thinking when re-organizing your bathroom can go a long way in the overall success of your finished project.
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